✿sendiri lagi✿

i'm alone again..

pura payung * out with yaya-movie marathon

tini hot * dating dengan ketom

call mama * tak angkat

call abah * tak angkat

sms mr huggy bear * tak reply-either tido or maen game

.............. !!!! sigh~

p/s : finally, amik hard disk, tgok cite twillight.. again!!

✿ something better ✿

My life was great until you told me,
I don’t love you anymore, I want to be free.
My heart was broken and started to bleed,
Because you gave up and wanted to leave.

No one has ever hurt me like this,
You betrayed me with just a kiss.
I didn’t think I would ever get over it,
I just wanted to die, give up, and quit.

I felt a gapping hole in my heart,
Bleeding so badly and falling apart.
I don’t know what to do now, I said,
Something deep inside me is dead.

As the wounds healed I came alive,
I’m not going to die, I will survive.
I had awakened a new sense of freedom,
With each day passing, I knew where it came from.

I am a survivor . . . I can’t let this get me down,
I must not walk around town with a frown.
It is so easy to climb inside,
Escape reality, deny love, and hide.

A year has passed and here I am today,
I feel great and am so glad I found my way.
I have met a wonderful person, a life to share,
A friend so kind, true, and with a love so rare.

How could I have possibly been so blind,
Not to realize that true love is there, to find.
I learned that when something happens bad,
It’s important not to become too sad.

Waiting around the corner is something great,
Don’t be afraid to reopen the gate.
For we truly hurt those we love the best,
But true love always survives the test.

p/s : true love is worth to wait...


Sepasang suami isteri yang telah mempunyai 3 orang anak, sedang berbual sambil menonton TV di dalam bilik mereka. Si isteri bertanya kepada suami beberapa soalan.

* Isteri : Bang, kalau saya mati dulu, abang kahwin lagi tak ?

* Suami : Abang rasa, abang mungkin kahwin lagi. Kerana, anak-anak kita perlukan orang yang boleh beri perhatian. Makan minum abang pun adalah orang yang sediakan.

* Isteri : Habis, kalau abang kahwin lagi, abang kasi ke dia duduk rumah kita.

* Suami : Ye lah. Sebab rumah ni mahal, takkan nak biar kosong macam tu saja?

* Isteri : Abang kasi ke dia guna bilik, kita, toilet kita ?

* Suami : Ya yang, sebab takkan abang nak buat bilik lain khas untuk dia. Nanti bilik ni, membazir pulak.

* Isteri : Abang kasi ke dia pakai almari kita ?

* Suami : Ye yang, almari kita ada 4 pintu takkan nak bagi org lain pulak.

* Isteri : Abang kasi ke dia pakai katil kita ?

* Suami : Terpaksalah yang. Sebab katil kita tu baru je beli sebulan.

* Isteri : Baju tidur saya, pijama dan towel saya ?

* Suami : Takkan itu abang nak bagi kakak & adik awak. Jadi, daripada tak dipakai, lebih baik kalau abang kasi dia aja.

* Isteri : Handbag saya, kasut saya, golf set saya ?

* Suami : Itu tak boleh, sebab dia suka handbag kaler maroon, kasut dia saiz kecil daripada awak, saiz 5, golf set tak boleh sebab dia kidal ...

* Isteri : ????!!!!!

* Suami : ( Dalam hati ) Alamak kantoiii !!

p/s : memang dasar lelaki!! hahahahha...