✿ something better ✿

My life was great until you told me,
I don’t love you anymore, I want to be free.
My heart was broken and started to bleed,
Because you gave up and wanted to leave.

No one has ever hurt me like this,
You betrayed me with just a kiss.
I didn’t think I would ever get over it,
I just wanted to die, give up, and quit.

I felt a gapping hole in my heart,
Bleeding so badly and falling apart.
I don’t know what to do now, I said,
Something deep inside me is dead.

As the wounds healed I came alive,
I’m not going to die, I will survive.
I had awakened a new sense of freedom,
With each day passing, I knew where it came from.

I am a survivor . . . I can’t let this get me down,
I must not walk around town with a frown.
It is so easy to climb inside,
Escape reality, deny love, and hide.

A year has passed and here I am today,
I feel great and am so glad I found my way.
I have met a wonderful person, a life to share,
A friend so kind, true, and with a love so rare.

How could I have possibly been so blind,
Not to realize that true love is there, to find.
I learned that when something happens bad,
It’s important not to become too sad.

Waiting around the corner is something great,
Don’t be afraid to reopen the gate.
For we truly hurt those we love the best,
But true love always survives the test.

p/s : true love is worth to wait...

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