✿hye there✿

Hye there..

I just want to say..

I love how easily you make me freeze..

I love to keep saying that you are my first love..

I love to see your face when you laugh..

I love when you said "sayang" to calm me down..

I love how I can picture myself with you - Sharing a life, eventually, when we meet..

I love being the yes‚ to your maybe..

I love to rewind our memories when we're in primary 6..

I love how happiness seems plausible when I talk to you..

I love the way you understand my place in life, how I don't feel alone..

I love daydreaming of you in class instead of writing notes..

I love the way I wish I could cook something for you, even if it little bit spicy..

I love how you play dumb just to see what will happen..

I love it when you send me songs, or ask me what I'm up to, or how I'm doing..

I love the feeling of growth within me..

I love your insights and sensitivities..

I love knowing that you mean it when you say sorry..

I love May 24th..

I love how I miss you when you're not around..

I love how you say I love you when we're far away..

I love how we can say it in different ways..

I love how I can learn from you..

I love how cute you are..

I love how serious you can be, and how you're silly just the same..

I love how I have songs that remind me of you..

I love how with every day that passes I feel more and more comfortable around you..

I love loving you..

p/s : i miss HIM already!!

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